Four Way Test

Below is the "Four Way Test" of the things we think, say, and do. The Four Way Test is simply this...

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3. Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

By knowing the "Four Way Test" of Rotary, and applying it every time you communicate on social media, you can avoid many problems people are experiencing.

Digital Detox: Reboot for Real Life

Digital Detox: Reboot Your Brain for Real Life Benefits. A digital detox is like a reboot for your brain. It helps you to be better and more efficient in your everyday life. Taking a moment to myself is a struggle for me, but I knew a digital detox would be worth the effort to disconnect. […]

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4 Questions to Spot Fake News

“Fake News” is a major headline and buzzword these days. It’s good that we’re talking about ethics in publication, but the truth of the matter is that fake news is not new. Even defining fake news is difficult because journalism, politics, and social media all contain components of fact, opinion, and the gray area of […]

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Is Snapchat for Small Businesses?

Snapchat can be a great marketing tool for businesses that provide products and services to teens and young adults. If you have a small business you may be wondering if it could benefit you. Read through this article to get a better idea of if it

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How to Use Snapchat for Business

This guide on Udemy was designed to help businesses learn how to utilize Snapchat. If you are a business that creates products or services aimed at teens and young adults, you may want to consider completing this course to get some fresh ideas about marketing your business.

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8 Brands Rocking Snapchat

These 8 brands are using Snapchat (successfully) to promote their business. Check out this article to see what brands are using it and why it is working for them. Some of their strategies may be useful for your business.

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How to Use Tumblr for Your Business

If you have heard about Tumblr but haven’t been able to figure out how it might help your business, this article is for you. You will learn what Tumblr is and how you can use it to grow your business. If you already have Tumblr for your business, this may have some fresh new ideas […]

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Setting up a Pinterest Business Account

This article walks you through the process of creating a Pinterest account for your business. The article explains the difference between a personal account and a business account. The article also explains how to get started with a Pinterest account for your business. They also touch on how you can expand your audience and use […]

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Using Pinterest for Businesses

If you have a business and have a Pinterest account this is a must read for you. This article provides the “10 Commandments” for using Pinterest for businesses. Follow the advice of this article to help you better interact with you Pinterest follower while growing your business.

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Marketing Instagram Style

Instagram can help you grow your business. Here is some advice on how to use Instagram to engage your followers and build your business.

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